Are Pistol Grips on Shotguns Legal in Nys?


Yes and no, a pistol grip shotgun is technically legal in New York State. It cannot however be semi-automatic as well as have at least two of these characteristics: a folding stock, a telescoping stock, a protruding grip, a magazine with more than 5 rounds, or have a magazine that comes off.
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The legal limit for a shotgun barrel length is at least 18 inches. However, Almost all gun manufacturers make short barrel shotguns to 18.5 inches too solve and measurement dispute
1. Attach a stock to the gun and adjust the stock until you can comfortably reach the grip and the trigger. The stock will allow you to press the gun against your shoulder for maximum
Gun swivel studs are used to attach a sling to a
I do not know if this is an IL law, BATF thing, or just the gun shop protecting itself but they gun shop by me sells pistol grip shotguns no matter the barrel length as handguns (
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The price of a Mossberg 500 shotgun pistol grip will vary according to the exact model and where you buy it from. It is possible to source one of these guns for ...
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