Are Pit Bulls Naturally Aggressive?


No, pit bull dogs are not any more naturally aggressive than other dogs. They have been trained and bred to be aggressive. When bred well and raised in a loving environment, they can be as well behaved as any other dog.
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Unfortunately, the reason that there are some pit bulls who are aggressive is due to their training. Pit bulls are actually a very loving and intelligent dog given the right situation
Pit Bull should not be human aggressive. In fact, pits bulls are breed to be especially human friendly. Pit bulls tend to be dog aggressive (though, not all are) because they have
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Maybe I shouldn't be answering this one but many people also believe that chihuahuas are aggressive dogs .People believe that because it is what they hear. It is fun to show them
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First of all let me just say that pit bulls are like any other dog and they are not born aggressive. These dogs are taught to be aggressive for things like dog ...
A bordereaux pit bull is a tight line of fighting dogs bred by the Boudreaux family of Broussard, Louisiana. The breed is famous for its aggression. People in ...
To train a pit bull, you should always use positive training. Positive attitudes and positive training techniques will keep negativity and aggression out of the ...
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