Are Polar Bears Kodiak Larger?


The polar bear is by far the largest species of bear alive on average. However, there are Kodiak bears on documentation that are larger than polar bears. Kodiak bears are omnivorous animals living only off the south coast of Alaska on the islands in Kodiak Archipelago.
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Large males of both species can weigh 1200 pounds or more and stand nine feet tall. They are roughly the same size.
Polar bear is largest living land carnivore, weighs 400 to 600 kg (880 to 1300 lb) Kodiak bears can stand 3m in height and weigh over 680 kg (1,345 lb).
Alaska’s Kodiak brown bears are equal to polar bears in size. Have another
Male polar bears can reach 300-600 kg and 2.4-3.0 m while the Kodiak can exceed 700 kg in mass and 3 m in height, making the Kodiak larger. Source(s):
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