Are Polar Bears Right or Left Handed?


Polar bears are left-handed and this assertion is based on a long-held belief among native people in polar bear regions. They have a thick undercoat and the guard hairs are pigment-free and transparent with a hollow core that scatters and reflects visible light.
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Polar bears have large paws to help move along ice and snow. Polar bears have four, five-toed, slightly webbed paws that can grow to be 12 inches in diameter. Each paw has a round
Polar bears, native to the Artic region of the world, have been found to
yes, polar bears are left-handed.
left-pawed? there are 2 theories, both scientifically unsupported. actually dis-proven. the first is that the left paw is stronger and more accurate than the right. the other, and
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Scientists have not found any conclusive evidence that polar bears favor a particular paw. They seem to use their right and left paws equally.
According to a scientific reserch it was found that polar bear use their left and right paws equally. Therefore the polar bears do not either use either right paw more oftenly than the left paw.
Polar bears are not left-pawed. Scientists observing the animals haven't noticed a preference. In fact, polar bears seem to use their right and left paws equally. This is a popular myth that has been going around for years.
Polar bears normally kill their prey with the left paw so this tells us that they are left handed
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