Are Praying Mantis a Protected Species?


The praying mantis is a protected species; it is regarded as a noble insect and is even used for commercial purposes. It is harmless and in some areas it is illegal to kill it.
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They are not native to North America, but there is abundant habitat for them here, and the ones that found their ways to the U.S. on ships during colonization became established and
The Praying Mantis is not protected by Federal Law. Most of the US population
It states above the clip 'praying mantis' that is a colloquial term for the Order comprising more than 2000 species. The species shown in the clip appears to be Sphodromantis viridis
In a typical healthy habitat, a mantis needs room to molt, which is 3 times the length of it longwise, at least. This means that you can keep them in a jar for now, but as they get
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The lifespan of a praying mantis depends on the species but the average lifespan is almost one year. In most of the species, they live only six months as an adult ...
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