Are Praying Mantis Good Luck?


Some African cultures consider the praying mantis good luck. However, other cultures say that disturbing a praying mantis will change good luck to bad luck. The praying mantis is associated with patience, calmness, and awareness.
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The praying mantis has historically been a popular subject of mythology and folklore. In France, people believed a praying mantis would point a lost child home. In Arabic and Turkish
1. Begin by placing your open hand at the opening of your Praying Mantis’ cage so that the Praying Mantis can climb onto your palm. Never grab the mantis or pick it up. Simply
1. Gently place the praying mantis in your hands. 2. Let him/her walk on you. Be very gentle, praying mantises are very delicate creatures and can easily be hurt! 3. Repeat steps
In Nubia they are seen as both a token of saintliness and an
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