Are praying mantises harmful to humans?


According to Encyclopædia Britannica, praying mantises feed exclusively on insects, and they are harmless to humans. No known venomous species of mantis exists. Although their appearance may be frightening, mantises are uninterested in humans.

The term "mantis" comes from the Greek word for a diviner or soothsayer. This name comes from the placid, motionless nature of the insect. The prominent forearms of the mantis also appear to be in a position of prayer. Praying mantises are voracious hunters, seizing nearly any insect or small animal they can hold, and often eating their prey alive. Their camouflage is also impressive within the animal kingdom; they are able to blend in seamlessly with leaves, twigs and other vegetation.

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when i saw the time someone got bite by a praying mantis the post said it actually pinched him but it also said it hurt.
There is a very common myth that killing a mantis is illegal. But that is completely untrue. The praying mantis is, however, a very helpful thing to have on one's yard, being an obligate
The 1957 movie 'The Deadly Manits'
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