Are R Kelly and Avant Brothers?


R Kelly and Avant are not brothers biologically. The rumors say that they are brothers, but this is not true. R Kelly is only Avant's brother from another mother.
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Type your answer here. He has 2 brother's and 1 sister. 1 older brother - Bruce, 1 older sister - Theresa and 1 younger brother - Carey (KillaKelz)'s_brother
Naw, Avant is my baby!!! i love his voice. and his music aint that bad lyrically. but him and r kelly kinda do look alike. i heard a rumor that they was related or something like
I don't think he HAS any brothers.
there you go......its how many videos is ron isley in an r. kelly video. i don't know exactly but i know of 3 for sure Friend Of Mine Down Low
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