Are Rabbits Smart?


Rabbits are not as smart as dogs because you will not be able to train one to do things like dogs do. However, this does not mean they are stupid but it is in their nature to mind their own business even in the attempt of trying to train to train them. However, rabbits can really get a long well with human beings, cats, dogs, guinea pigs and other pets.
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rabbit's are very smart. My rabbit know's it's name,it can climb up and down the stair's,he know's how to open my door (he scratches it and bite's it until it open's) and know's what
Rabbits in general are a lot smarter than people give them credit for. One of my rabbits (also a lionhead) only likes his litter box in the bedroom in a certain spot turned a certain
When it comes to building rabbit cages, the choices are usually quite well clear-cut. You can either opt for all-wire rabbit cages, or you can opt for what may be referred to as '
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