Are Radio Waves Dangerous to Humans?


Radio waves are dangerous to humans because they carry free radicals. They also lead to extreme large temperature rise which in the long term is disastrous. The body's absorption of these radio waves is measured as the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).
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radio waves are not dangerous.
UVB wavelengths are the most dangerous to humans. They cause
Gamma rays are the most dangerous because they can break organic molecular bonds. There by killing tissue or damaging dna. Visible light rays are fairly harmless.but again intense
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X-rays and gamma rays are more dangerous to humans than radio waves because x-rays and gamma rays have enough energy to disrupt molecular bonds. Radio waves do ...
Radio waves are dangerous to humans as they lead to cancer, leukaemia and other disorders. People living near base stations often complain of headaches and other ...
It is believed that exposure to large doses of radio waves can result in disorders such as cancer. There are also claims that people who are exposed to the low ...
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