Are Rashes Contagious?


Some rashes are indeed contagious. They are mainly caused by bacteria and virus. A rash of any kind should be taken seriously, and it can require one to look for medication as it can be very severe.
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Roseola, also known as Sixth Disease, is characterized by high fever and a
Once the oil has been absorbed, its no longer contagious. Treating right away can lesson the duration.
they are very contagious, i had them when i was about 12 & had up to 10 days off school, my brother got chicken pox about 2 weeks later. Singles is a chicken pox virus. So if
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Viral rashes are contagious.They are characterized by rough pimply nodes on the skin accompanied by fever. Since they are easily detectable, they are easily treatable ...
The rash from poison ivy is very itchy and uncomfortable. It can be unsightly as well and people may not want to get near the person with the rash for fear they ...
Contagious skin rashes are as a result of scabies, chicken pox and a viral infection known as Molluscum Contagiosum. Skin rashes can be caused by allergy, bites ...
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