Are Roses Toxic to Cats?


The ASPCA reports that members of the Rosa species are free of toxic principles that would be harmful to your cat, dog and horses. Roses from the Rosa species include the tea rose, prairie rose, California wild rose, sweetbriar rose, dwarf rose and French rose.
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Rose hips serve as a good source of vitamins C and A, carotene and lycopene. Rose hip powder may be made from the seeds and husks of Rosa canina. Rose hips are classified as a fruit
Aloe, Ivy, Peace Lily are some that are poisonous. There are more listed on this website in the Related Links below. lists marijuana as one of the many plants which are toxic to kitties.
Acute cases of antifreeze toxicity (when an animal consumes antifreeze) often present as if the animal is intoxicated with alcohol. This is an emergency situation, and life threatening
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