Are Shaving Razors Allowed on Airplanes?


According to the TSA, only disposable razors are allowed in carry-on bags on airplanes as of January 2013. However, all other razors are allowed to be carried in checked bags. Some of the other items not allowed on carry-on bags include: knives, meat cleavers, and scissors.
Q&A Related to "Are Shaving Razors Allowed on Airplanes?"
When travelling by air there are two ways of carrying things, namely carried with you in the single hand luggage you are officially allowed to carry on board and the additional luggage
In most instances, prisoners are given a razor when they take a shower and return it when done.
An electric shaver may be in your carry on luggage. If you use a razor blade not put it in your carry on. If you are staying at a hotel, just ask when you check in for a razor
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