Are Skinks Poisonous?


Blue tailed skinks, a class of lizard usually found in the eastern part of the US, are not poisonous. The tail of the lizard is blue to warn off larger predators, and it will bite if provoked, but it's bite won't do much more than cause physical pain.
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no skinks are posionous : the only venomous lizards are the beaded lizard and the gila monster (and the komodo dragon, but i'm not sure whether or not thats bacteria or venom, but
Hi,i think your cat ate a Type of Skink,heres a website to show you:…. As normally Salamanders are spotted,rather than striped. Like
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No, skinks are not poisonous in the sense that they will bite and inject poison. However, a certain species known as the blue tailed skink has a tail that is venomous if digested.
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