Are snakes related to worms?


Snakes and worms are not related. Snakes are vertebrates, which means they have a backbone, while worms are invertebrates, which means they have no bones. There are many differences between the two such as differences in circulatory systems, nervous systems and also different sensory organs.
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they both relate to us the the same but snakes have eyes and worms don't.
Worm snakes are strictly carnivorous and their diet is composed of live animals small enough to fit in their mouths. In some portions of their range, worm snakes feed almost exclusively
Snakes and worms equally related? Ahem. No. Snakes are vertebrates with far more complex organ systems than worms. They are active creatures with scaled skin (no slime), compex eyes
Scoleciphobia is fear of worms, Ophidiophobia refers to fear of snakes,
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Worms and snakes are both limbless, elongated creatures. Snakes are reptiles and worms are insects. You can distinguish a snake from a worm because they have scales ...
Thin black worms could be a number of different types of worms. One option is that it might not be a worm but a small snake called the Ramphotyphlops braminus ...
Tennessee water snakes are not venomous with the exception of the cottonmouth which tends to be venomous. Water snakes eat plants, small fish, worms, crickets, ...
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