Are Sponges Protostomes or Deuterostomes?


Sponges are neither protostomes or deuterostomes. This is because they have primitive cellular levels of organization and they do not have tissues. Only those organisms that have a true coelom and a digestive system are classified as either protostomes and deuterostomes.
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An example of Protostome is a mollusk, such as an oyster. An
the fate of their baltspores, cleavage and coelom formation
The opening of the digestive tract in an embryo is called the blastopore. The primary difference between protostome and deuterostomes concerns whether the blastopore becomes a mouth
Deuterostomes (taxonomic term: Deuterostomia; from the Greek: "second mouth" are a superphylum of animals. They are a subtaxon of the Bilateria branch of the subregnum Eumetazoa
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