Are Squirrels Mammals?


Squirrels are mammals with over 200 squirrel species living all over the world. Squirrels have four front teeth that do not stop growing so they do not wear out from the regular gnawing. Tree squirrels are the most familiar, frequently seen elegantly scuttling and leaping from branch to branch.
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because they don't lay eggs and they have fur. And also because a squirrel is a warm-blooded animal.
They are members of the family Sciuridae.
Typically the rodents such as mice, rats and hamsters that are crepuscular, primarily active during twilight hours (dawn and dusk) have poor vision. (Too easy of targets if they cannot
Squirrels are mammals because they are covered in fur, just like any mammal. And they don't have a baby in egg form.
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Squirrels are mammals.
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