Are strawberries bad for dogs?


It's OK for a dog to eat a variety of different people foods in moderation, including berries, according to WebMD. Other table foods a dog can eat include bananas, apples, melons, cooked chicken, cream cheese, peanut butter, green beans and carrots.

A dog’s digestive system is better designed to handle a diet with a high portion of well-balanced dog food and not complex carbohydrates and plants. As a general rule, cooked meat is fine for dogs, including chicken, turkey, fish and pork. A dog owner may also add unsalted rice cakes, no-butter unsalted popcorn, vanilla and strawberry yogurt and even vanilla wafers.

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You can keep strawberries from going bad by washing them off and placing them in storage container with a paper towel to absorb the moisture. You can also freeze them if you are keeping
1. Look for fuzzy, white mold on your strawberries. This mold grows when a strawberry is considerably rotten and could be dangerous for human consumption. 2. Look for dark brown,
The primary pesticide used on strawberries in the U.S. is methyl bromide. It is highly toxic to the central nervous system and carcinogenic. It's being phased out/banned through most
In the refrigerator, tops left on. Do not wash them, as mold will grow very quickly (within a day or two) Wash just before eating. More info here. http://www.foodsafety.wis.
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