Are Sweet Peas Poisonous?


The sweet pea is mildly poisonous. The seeds of these pea contain poisonous amino acids known as lathyrogens that, when consumed in large amounts, cause Lathyrus. This is characterised by paralysis, difficult breathing and convulsions.
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Sweet peas need to be planted in the fall. When you go to plant them make sure they have well drained soil. Put them in the ground about them 2-3 inches apart about one inch deep.
1. Sow seeds in the ground from late fall right into early spring in areas with mild winters and hot summers, such as Florida. In areas with mild winters and cool summers, as are
1 Buy sweet pea seeds. Sweet peas are usually started from seed. You may either plant them in seed trays indoors and later transplanting them to the garden bed, or start them outside
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You may not eat the peas from the sweet pea plant as they are toxic or poisonous if ingested. Tests done on certain rats show that the side effects lead to formation ...
Sweet Pea is a flowering plant. It is an annual climbing plant and it is very fragrant. The Sweet Pea plant is native to the eastern Mediterranean. ...
Sweet peas are also known as Lathyrus odoratus and are native to the Mediterranean. It is an annual and climbing plant that must be replanted every year. The flowers ...
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