Are Sweetbread the Testicle of a Animal?


Sweetbread is a kitchen name for a specialized organ of the immune system or the pancreas especially of the calf and lamb. Other various glands used as food called the sweetbreads include the testicles, salivary glands, sublingual glands and Pavarotti gland.
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Sweetbreads are the thymus glands and pancreas glands of lamb, beef, or
Female. Steer. Gelding. Neutered dogs and cats. Castrated sheep, pigs, humans, and perhaps a couple other species.
Sweetbread: name of a dish made of the thymus or the pancreas of a young animal. It is not a bread like name suggests but the edible glands of an animal.
No animal has three testes as a norm. But it is possible for any animal or human to have a rare condition called Polyorchidism, which is a birth defect. Source(s):
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Male turkeys have testicles though unlike most other animals, their testicles are located within the abdomen along the spinal column and are usually white-tan ...
There are a variety of meats such as beef, liver, tongue, and oysters that are used for Sweetbread recipes. Sweetbread in this case is the thymus gland of animals ...
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