Are the Berries on Holly Bushes Poisonous?


The berries from the holly bushes are slightly poisonous and should not be eaten. If you eat more than three berries from the bushes you may get severe nausea, diarrhoea and drowsiness. These berries are bright red in colour and hard.
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1. Decrease watering by half in September to begin hardening off the holly, which helps it survive the winter. In October, resume a normal watering schedule until the first freeze
A handful of holly berries might be enough to make a small child quite sick. Hollies are handsome trees (and one of my favorites) but maybe this planting could wait a few years?
Holly berries are poisonous, but the dose makes the poison. One berry may not be enough to be dangerous - but I wouldn't bet my child's life on it. Take the child to the ER.
Expect black and blue berries to be edible more often than red
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