Are There More Women Than Men in the World?


Globally, there are about 105-107 boys born for every 100 girls. Since 1940, an average of 91,685 more male babies have been born each year in the US than females, a total of 5,776,130 over that 63-year period. The highest sex birth ratio occurred in 1946 (1,059 male births per 1,000 females) while the lowest occurred in 1991 and again in 2001 (1,046 male births per 1,000 females). For all available years combined, Chinese (1,074) and Filipino mothers (1,072) had the highest differences between the number of boys born versus girls, while non-Hispanic black (1,031) and American Indian mothers (1,031) had the lowest.
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According to statistics, there more women living as compared to men on average in almost all countries when taking into account all ages. However, around the world and for all periods, nature provides that slightly more boys than girls are born.
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Mainly because men fight wars and life less healthy, and thus die earlier.
Men are born more often than women, because the rate of death is higher for men, especially around the mid-twenties. Smart, isn't it?
Believe it or not, statistics show that men make more money than women for a simple reason. They make more money because they negotiate more. They could both have the same education
In earlier times, depressed women often suffered silently. The definition and understanding of depression in women has changed over the years according to the current fashions, trends
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