Are there penguins in Alaska?


Contrary to popular belief, penguins do not live at the north pole or anywhere in the northern hemisphere, including Alaska. According to the Mother Nature Network, penguins live only in the southern hemisphere with large numbers of them living in Antarctica but not at the south pole itself.

Penguins prefer to live in more temperate climates such as Argentina and Australia. As you travel further south, you find the largest species of penguins, including the Emperor penguin. Australia and New Zealand are where you will find the smallest penguins, which feature a slate blue color. Penguins choose to live in the southern hemisphere because they are unable to fly to the northern hemisphere, and the waters leading to the north are too warm for these creatures to survive.

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Answer Penguins while not native to the area frequent the area for their abundance of fish and cold weather. It is thought to be really common to find large flocks breeding in Alaska
There are no penguins that live in Alaska. Penguins only in Antarctica. Any more
There are currently no natural penguins in Alaska. Penguins live in the southern hemisphere! Ask more!
Penguins live in the south pole regions, not the north. There are many Arctic birds which eat fish. Auks, puffins, gulls. Oh, the list is long.
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