Are There Poisonous Snakes in Italy?


In Italy, there are two main snake families that are commonly encountered. These are Colubridae and Viperidae. Most of the species in these families can be identified and differentiated by the colour patterns that they posses.
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Italy has seven species of poisonous snakes, all vipers of which the Adder, the Asp Viper, the Nose Horned Viper, are the most dangerous.
The most deadly snake is normally found in Central Australia called the Fierce snake. The venom is so deadly that a single bite can kill a hundred adult humans.
Sidewinders are small rattlesnakes that have an average body length of 30 inches; females are commonly larger than males. Sidewinders have a sandy brown coloration with a dark back
1 Carefully, grip your hand on the the snake's neck . 2 Use your OTHER hand to grip the snake's tail .
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