Are These Blood Pressure Readings OK?


If you are getting your blood pressure readings from a professional health care provider, they will let you know if the readings are correct or incorrect. However, if you are measuring the pressure by yourself at home using a home blood pressure monitor, ensure the monitor is 'clinically validated' and that you are using the right technique and you can be guaranteed correct readings. If you are uncertain, visit your doctor for a professional opinion.
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The top number of your blood pressure is the amount of pressure in your body when the heart contracts to pump blood and the bottom number is the amount of pressure present when the
Learn how to take a blood pressure reading if you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with blood pressure issues and you may spot problems before they become life threatening
According to the American Heart Association, in most cases, there are no usual physical symptoms of high blood pressure. Nonetheless, people may exhibit symptoms like nausea, vomiting
1 Unpack your blood pressure reading equipment. Some people use the newer electronic blood pressure devices, this article will discuss using the manual blood pressure cuff and stethoscope
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Blood pressure is shown as systolic (pressure in the vessel) and diastolic (relaxed vessel) numbers. A good blood pressure reading is 104 over 65. Normal blood ...
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