Are Tigers Stronger Than Lions?


Tigers are considered to be the strongest of the cat family even much stronger than lions. This may be due to the fact that the tigers are much larger than lions and thus have more muscles.
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A tiger is heavier and more muscles equals more power.A tiger is truly slightly heavier around 10-50Ib.
I think that a Siberian Tiger is stronger than a lion.
Given that they have similar muscular mass, density and definition in relation to body size and are of similar body size, it follows that there cannot be much difference in strength
Thanks for the follow-up, Suyash. Sorry for the late reply because i am very busy recently. Anyways, HRR stands for Humerus Radius Ratio. And i have seen people on the net saying
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If there were a fight, lions versus tigers, it may be hard to determine who would win. Physically, lions are stronger than tigers. In most cases, lions weigh less ...
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