Are Toner Good for Brassy Roots on Blonde Hair?


It is okay to use a toner on brassy hair since it has a minimal amount of peroxide, which dont damage the hair. Unfortunately, toners tend to wash out of the hair over several weeks so the brassiness may reappear. If you want to do it yourself, you may be able to get assistance in choosing an appropriate toner shade from an expert.
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1. Shampoo hair with a conditioning shampoo and towel-dry. 2. Apply petroleum jelly around your hairline and back of neck to prevent staining. Wrapping a towel around your neck and
The ash dirty blonde that you used, was it lighter or darker than your hair color before applying it? Was it one shade or two shades lighter/ darker? If it was darker, then you were
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Could you go to a hair salon to do it? If you still get a brassy colour at the roots maybe you have the wrong shade to start with and it is a case of putting up with the colour you
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A person can correct orange hair or roots when bleaching their hair blonde by using a toner. A toner will take the hair to a much whiter color, almost platinum ...
Fixing brassy highlights would depend on what color your hair is. If you have a lighter brown shade of hair you could apply a blond toner to the highlights. The ...
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