Are Too Many Bananas Bad for You?


Too many bananas are bad for you because they can cause headaches. This is because bananas contain tyramine, phenyethyamine and amino acids, which can cause blood vessels to dilate and increase blood flow to the brain.
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For a person without diabetes, too much sugar can rot your teeth, cause headaches, make you gain weight, cause mood swings, and may aggravate arthritis.
1. Unwrap the bananas from any packaging or plastic. This eliminates the ethylene gas from building up around the bananas which causes them to ripen quickly. 2. Hang the bananas on
It depends on when you start timing. By the time you get bananas at a grocery store in North America, they’re a week or two from picking. It also depends on when you consider
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Too many bananas can be bad for your health, because they have potassium which can give you heart problems, muscle contraction issues, and kidney problems if the ...
From what I understand, the worst thing about eating too many bananas is that it could give you bowl irregularities. I believe it is recommended to not eat more ...
Eating too many bananas can be a very dangerous thing. When ingesting bananas we increase our potassium levels in the body. If the potassium levels are too high ...
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