Are Transition Lenses Worth the Money?


Transition lenses are worth the money because they protect the eyes from the rays of the sun by quickly adapting and adjusting by changing the light for better eyesight. The original transition lenses change from the clear indoors to the dark indoors. These lenses are also designed in a way that they able to work with most of the frames.
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The Rule of Thumb is to buy lenses from the same brand as your camera for absolute compatibility. Generally, they have better quality too as compared to third-party brands. Visit.
The Mk II, I believe, has better corner sharpness and is less prone to flare. It also has an 82mm filter size vs. the Mk I's more standard 77mm. If the prices are fairly close, you
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I have a small face and love my Smith Optics Polarized Toaster Sliders. They come with interchangeable lenses, not cheap but well worth spending the money. Good ...
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