Are Tulips Poisonous?


Tulips are said to be poisonous as they have toxic glycosides that may result in abdominal pain, dizziness, convulsion and abdominal upset. There have also been reports of irritations of the skin due to touching the tulip plants.
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Both tulips and irises are
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Are Tulips Poisonous to Dogs?
Nothing says spring quite like tulips blooming in your garden. While these pretty flowers add beautiful splashes of color to your landscaping, they can be hazardous to any dogs living in your home, especially if your pet treats your garden like a salad... More »
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Tulips are considered to be dangerous to cats. The toxic portion of this plant is the actual bulb, which can cause drooling, central nervous system depression, ...
Camouflage poison and bright colors are some examples of tulip adaptations. Tulips can thrive in a garden or as a potted plant. The species is a perennial flower ...
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