Are volcanoes mountains?


Volcanoes are mountains but they are not the same as other mountains. They are normally a cone shaped hill or mountain built around a vent that links with reservoirs of melted rock beneath the earth's surface. They are usually built through the collection of products from their eruptions.
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Volcanoes are caused from eruptions from the mantle underneath the surface of the earth. Mountains are caused by the shift of tectonic plates amongst one another, causing n upward
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The difference between a volcano and a mountain is that a volcano is an opening in the earth's crust where molten rock, rock fragments and hot magma (lava) erupts ...
The difference between a mountain and a volcano is that while a volcano is formed by the eruption of lava, mountain can be formed by various other processes including ...
A volcano is a mountain or hill that is typically conical and has a crater or vent through which lava, hot vapour, gas and rock fragments are or have been erupted ...
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