Are We Too Dependent on Computers?


I personally believe that we are not too dependent on computers. I think that we utilize computers in an appropriate manner, and computers have given us a source for news, networking, and entertainment. Overall, I still think there is healthy dose of one-on-one interaction between people, and when we need help, we still look to each other more so than computers.
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Addiction. They are addictive and people suffer withdrawal symptoms when they leave them too long. Pleasure. Gratification. Relief from stress. There are examples of computer overuse
it is not like that we are too depended on internet but there is two sides of it one is good and bad . if we talk about good then lets think we have been listening that early bed
Try to use environment variables in Dll path, for example, %SystemDrive%. You can see all environment variables typing SET in command prompt.
Dear Ahmed, Previously Windows Server Operating Systems like NT 4.0 relies on WINS for name resolutions, i hope you know about name resolutions. Anyway lets discuss about it a little
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