Are Whales Fish?


Whales are not fish but they are classified as water-mammals. This is due to the fact that they are warm-blooded, they breath air, give birth and they also have mammary glands. They survive in water because of the presence of a thick layer of insulated blubber that keeps them warm.
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Whales are mammals.
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Both live in the sea and breathe oxygen.
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Whaling is a type of fishing in which whales are the target. Many species have small populations.
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Whales are mammals and not fish because they give birth to live young ones and are warm blooded. These characteristics are common to all mammals, including humans ...
Whales do eat fish. They also feed on shrimp, larvae, squid, plankton, crabs and krill. They are the largest aquatic mammals that breathe through the lungs and ...
There are several reasons why whales are mammals and not fish. One of them is that they are warm-blooded creatures just like all mammals, fish are cold-blooded ...
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