Are White Cats with Blue Eyes Deaf?


Breeding studies have established a relationship between white cats with blue eyes and deafness. In cats, congenital deafness is almost exclusively in white coated individuals. This is usually genetic and may be caused by interplay of genes or environmental causes.
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White cats with blue eyes are actually albinos. White cats with other color eyes are not albinos. In humans, albinism can result in severe vision problems. In cats, it can cause deafness
Researchers found that only 17 to 22 percent of white cats
its genetic. The genes that carry the cats colouring also carry the deaf gene.
Recognize that the gene that suppresses coat color also suppresses eye color, resulting in blue irises. If a white cat has blue eyes, it is most certainly deaf. Often, cats that exhibit
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There is an established connection between the white fur colour, blue eyes and deafness in cats. This is due to the fact that tapetum lucidum is generated from ...
White cats are not always deaf and it does not mean that they are all albinos. Generally, white cats will always have pink eyes or pale blue ones and they tend ...
Contrary to popular belief, not all white cats are deaf. There is however, a correlation between white blue-eyed cats and deafness, such that certain white blue-eyed ...
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