Are Worms Insects?


The term worm is also used in different contexts within the animal kingdom to mean different things. It may refer to some insects in their immature or larval stage. It also refers to anthropoids, roundworms and tapeworms.
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Animal's refered to as "worms" are elongated, soft-bodied invertebrates lacking appendages. Worms do not constitute their own taxonomic group, rather they are found in many different phylums and families.
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because insect all have 6 legs but worm dont
When animals, plants or other organisms die, the remains are broken down by decomposers, especially fungi, bacteria and earthworms. Decomposition recycles important nutrients such
A worm falls under the classification of bring an invertebrate.
They do sound like silverfish. These are fairly harmless insects, but they do feed on cellulose, wool, paper, glue; and they also feed on mold. Since you say the area is closed off
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