Are yellow spotted lizards dangerous to humans?


Yellow-spotted night lizards are not dangerous to humans. Lizards that belong to Lepidophyma flavimaculatum species have no poisonous glands and are not big enough to pose any real threat to a human.

With an average length of 9.5 inches, yellow-spotted night lizards are among the largest night lizards and are known for their aggressive behavior in captivity. Under stress, they are prone to losing their tails, damaging their nose scales, or even biting, according to Encyclopedia of Life. Yellow-spotted night lizards have sharp teeth and can easily puncture the skin when they bite. While it is unlikely for their bites to be dangerous, they can be quite painful.

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if they bite you you die a long and painful death.
The tropical night lizard (Lepidophyma flavimaculatum) is also called the yellow
There are only two venomous lizards in the US: the gila monster and the beaded lizard. Neither match the description of the lizard you saw, so your lizard is not "poisonous"
Here you go - I think this is the right answer:,20Phidippus%20audax%20[Salticidae.
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