Are Yellow Spotted Salamanders Poisonous?


Yellow spotted salamanders are not poisonous. However, they contain a toxic substance which helps to defend themselves from predators. These lizards are easy to recognise because they are spotted and they mostly like to live in swamps.
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It is a whatever you know. ANS 2. It's a small amphibious lizard.
Yellow Spotted Salamanders dig homes into the ground, so their
jesus i cant believe that guy thought a 5 gal would be "good" for 1. 10-15 gal tank minimum. i have 2 blue spotted salamanders (similar species) in a 22 gallon. sorry for
The description could actually be several different kinds of snakes. My guess though would be a yellow belly black snake if your in australia which is actually a tiger snake called
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The yellow-spotted lizard poses no danger to human being. It has no poison and will not attack someone if he/she approaches it. However, this type of lizard usually ...
Yellow dotted salamanders often eat pests like as crickets, centipedes and ants. Salamanders at times they eat smaller salamanders and are known for eating worms ...
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