Are You Supposse to Line up the Decimals When U Are Multiplying?


No, when multiplying you do not need to line up the decimals, however most people do because it is easier to multiply when they are lined up, especially bigger digit numbers.
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You need to line up decimals for additional and subtraction. For multiplication, you don't need to line them up - in fact, it would serve no useful purpose.
No do not line the decimals.When multiplying numbers with
multiply the numbers just like there was no decimals. When you get your answer, then you can add the decimal. Count the total number of decimal places in both factors and allow that
Ignore the decimals for the moment. Multiply 9 x 7. Your answer is 63. Now count the number of digits to the right of the decimals in the original equation. That would be 2. Starting
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Yes, we have to line up or adjust the decimal points when we subtract and multiply. During subtraction, it moves to right. During multiplication, if moves to left ...
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