Arguable Topics?


Arguable topics are those topics that are known to elicit strong emotional reactions when they are brought up. This is usually caused by the fact that there are equal number of facts that can be used to back both sides of the divide. Some of the arguable topics include abortion, war on terrorism, US war crimes and tobacco regulation among many others.
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Religion. Politics. Abortion. The death penalty. Sport.
Good students ask more questions. eNotes educators are standing by. I think that one particular topic that can be explored is who bears the ultimate responsibility for Macbeth's predicament
1) Abortion : Good or Bad?2) Ethics and Human Cloning.3) Animal
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There are many arguable topics that people tend to avoid in polite conversation. Some of these topics include: politics, abortion, and religion. ...
An arguable topic for a research paper is something that isn't a fact. It's arguable because there is some difference of opinion about it. For a paper on criminal ...
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