Argumentative Speech Topics?


Some good argumentative speech topics can include whether or not welfare recipients should be drug tested. Another is whether birth control should be paid for by the government or the individual.
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there are alot of good speech topics but these are myfavorites: murders, video piracy, assults & illegal downloaded music!
You want to write your speech on a topic that is a main topic of concern for many people. You can select topics such as health care and employment.
Politics, religion and women's rights are three good argumentative
1. Select a topic. Pick a topic that is arguable. Trying to argue that the sky is not blue or that the Earth is flat is ineffective, as these things are fact, not opinion. Whenever
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Argumentative Speech is a form of persuasive public speaking. The speaker picks on a controversial topic, issue, problem in a way that the audience opinion will ...
You can make an argumentative speech by defending a case or subject that some may find to be controversial. Prepare concise arguments backed up by factual examples ...
A ceremonial argument is a speech which is depicted in social occasions concerning current matters or issues as well as praise and blame. Examples of ceremonial ...
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