How Much Is a 1950 C3 Argus Camera Worth?


Argus C3 Camera was produced by Argus between 1939 to 1966. It price was lower compared to the current cameras. 1950 C3 Argus camera costs approximately 286.2310 British pounds.
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Your C3 (the BRICK) was mass-produced so unfortunately has no real
1. Turn the camera downward so that the lens is facing away from you. 2. Open the battery compartment latch and gently pull the battery compartment door toward you. 3. Insert the
Argus was a giant covered in eyes. 100 of them to be precise. His epithet was "panoptes" which means "all seeing"
Argus C3 was the camera i learned color photography on. You are in for quite an adventure. you will need a light meter if that is not in the accessory kit.
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