What is Arkansas's used car sales tax?


When purchasing a car in Arkansas, one must consider all of the potential costs and expenses. Some additional expenses, include auto insurance, car registration, sales taxes, and maintenance. In Arkansas, automobile sales tax is not charged at the time of purchase. New car owners are charged applicable sales tax when the vehicle title and registration is initiated. Automobiles must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles within 30 days of purchase. In Arkansas, if the total sales price of a used car is less than $2,500, no sales tax is charged.
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1. Calculate the total sale price of the used car. For example, a car costs $5,000. 2. Compare the price to $2,500. If the price is above $2,500, there is sales tax. If the price
If the car is $2500 or less there is no sales tax.Actually its 2499, at least in Pope county.
The sales tax in Arkansas is 6% on all vehicles over $2,500
in my state (RI) car sales tax is the same as the regular sales tax. and the only way to be tax exempt is if you have a tax credit letter from insurance company which you sometimes
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How to Calculate Used Car Sales Tax in Arkansas
If you purchase a used car from a dealership rather than from a private party, you must pay sales tax. Sales tax rates vary by state, but in Arkansas, the state sales tax rate is 6 percent as of 2010. Including the sales tax in your budget before... More »
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