Why is my left arm numb?


According to Better Medicine, arm numbness usually occurs as a result of poor blood supply to an area or damage to a nerve. For example, temporary numbness may occur as a result of prolonged pressure that impedes circulation or presses on a nerve, such as when a person sleeps on his arm.

According to MD Health, numbness and tingling in the left arm is thought by many people to be a sign of a heart attack. However, a heart attack usually is accompanied by other symptoms, such as severe, crushing pain that radiates down the arm and into the chest, jaw and back. A more common cause of numbness on one side of the body is a stroke. A person experiencing a stroke usually feels dizzy, weak and disoriented and may have slurred speech, experience difficulty moving one side of the body or have trouble communicating intelligibly. If left arm numbness is accompanied by any of these symptoms, the person needs medical attention right away.

However, most causes of one-sided arm numbness are not life-threatening, explains MD Health. For example, arm numbness often results from poor circulation due to a vascular disorder or a deficiency of vitamin B12. Nerve damage or compression of the nerves in the neck due to a bulging disc or impingement on the nerves in the shoulder also commonly are associated with numbness in one arm. Additionally, Johns Hopkins Medicine states that many diseases of the nervous system, including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease may cause loss of sensation or tingling. Therefore, anyone who experiences prolonged numbness of an extremity needs to see a doctor to evaluate the cause as soon as possible.

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If your arm is tingling and feeling numb it may be asleep just shake it until it feels better ! WARNING : This is only a suggestion this may not be the case !
1. If you pulled the muscles in your left arm playing sports or carrying heavy objects, you may have sprained or strained your arm. Numbness is a common symptom of such an injury.
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