What are some causes of aching in the arms and legs?


If you are having constant aching in your arms and legs, this could be a sign of fibromyalgia. Body aches can also be a sign of the flu or a virus when they are accompanied by a fever. It is best to see a doctor for a definite diagnosis.
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Leg pain can often be associated with nerve damage over a period of time. The causes of leg aches are strains of the muscle, stress fractures and night cramps To find more information
this is depend on so many thing like : your age ? 22. your sex ? female. your body built ? average. your life style ? average. your other symptom > tirdness fatigue. my Advice
Lots of things.It could be a nutritional imbalance (usually a mineral) or it could be down to high intense activity (I actually bruised a muscle doing exercise,couldn't do anything
Aching legs is a common symptom associated with a number of different medical conditions. Although elderly individuals complain of aching in the legs more often, individuals of any
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