What are some causes of aching in the arms and legs?


If you are having constant aching in your arms and legs, this could be a sign of fibromyalgia. Body aches can also be a sign of the flu or a virus when they are accompanied by a fever. It is best to see a doctor for a definite diagnosis.
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this is depend on so many thing like : your age ? 22. your sex ? female. your body built ? average. your life style ? average. your other symptom > tirdness fatigue. my Advice
Lots of things.It could be a nutritional imbalance (usually a mineral) or it could be down to high intense activity (I actually bruised a muscle doing exercise,couldn't do anything
Aching legs is a common symptom associated with a number of different medical conditions. Although elderly individuals complain of aching in the legs more often, individuals of any
Leg pain or aching that occurs after prolonged standing or sitting suggests a possible
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