How Do I Put the Army Class a Uniform Together?


To make sure your Army Class A uniform is put together properly, you need to ascertain that your nameplate, insignia, service ribbons, and badges are all affixed in the correct positions. Your overall appearance is also important: have your uniform pressed and your boots shined. Army Study Guide is a privately-run, non-government website that gives exact guidelines for a Class A uniform inspection.
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Putting an army class a uniform together can be done by visiting They have pictures and descriptions what each piece is for and where it
1. Center the nameplate at the top of the right-hand chest pocket flap. Above the nametag the MOS pin is to be worn. 2. Center your ribbons above the left-hand chest pocket flap.
Distinctive unit crests are centered on the epaulettes between the shoulder seam and the button, top towards the collar. Regimental crests are worn centered on the name tag above
Instead of the current "army green" class A uniform, the US
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To set up Army class a uniform one may go online to see how to do it. One may view images of the set up of the uniform. Through these images one could set up an ...
Many measurements regarding Army uniforms are tailored to a specific person's size. However, some measurements are uniform in their standards. For example ...
1. Put on underwear, black socks and a plain white T-shirt. While these are not necessary items for the Class A uniform, it is highly recommend you wear all of ...
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