How to File a Military Congressional Complaint?


In order to file a military congressional complaint, you need to submit the letter directly to the member of Congress in question. You do not have to rely on anyone or any organization in particular. Just make sure that the content is appropriate.
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1. Go to the U.S. House of Representatives official "Write Your Representative" website at 2. Select your location from the drop-down
First you go see your congressman or congresswoman relate your problem to them. And then they will advise you if they can you.
Has he gone completely through his COC yet? Has he spoken with the IG? If not, then I would not recommend he file a Congressional complaint. It's not taken lightly, and despite supposed
The major complaints's-...
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A congressional complaint is a type of a complaint that is presented to a congressman who in turn presents it to the congress for further inquiries. This can be ...
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