Army Ets?


In the United States Army, soldiers enlist for a specific amount of years. Their expiration term of service or ETS is their official separation of Soldiers. At this point they have fulfilled active duty obligation. Upon separation, they receive a Certificate of Release or Discharge, or DD214, from Active Duty. The DD214 will indicate their former and future status. At this time, an honorable discharge will only be issued if the soldier active duty history fits the criteria.
Q&A Related to "Army Ets?"
ETS stands for Expiration Term of Service. The ETS date is the day someone has
It is the date when they leave the army. Experation, term of service. Source(s) my army dictionary and desk reference by Maj. Tim Zurick, USAR ret.
yes 10 for ets 20 for retirement.
It is Latin for "by valor and arms". It appears on the Mississippi coat of arms & was adopted in 1894.
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