How to Get into the Army National Guard?


Get into the Army National Guard by going to the nearest recruiting office and talking to a recruiter about what you want to do. They will take you through the guidelines and get you signed up if you qualify.
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1. Ensure that you meet the requirements to join the Army National Guard. The Army National Guard requires you to be a minimum of 17 and a maximum of 34 years old. If you are under
You have a couple of different options with OCS in the Guard. You can go accelerated or traditional. Traditional would be just like going to drill, you go one weekend a month. Accelerated
The army and national guard train together during basic.
The Army National Guard is the land force militia organized by each of the several
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The physical for the National Army Guard is usually a three event. Using it, cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular endurance are tested. You should definitely ...
The Army National Guard stipulates that a new applicant must fall between a minimum and maximum weight. The weight requirements are calculated based on an applicant's ...
1. Withdraw from the Army National Guard before you sign contracts and before you swear in. At this stage, you are not obligated to complete the process and can ...
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