How to Load an Arrow Staple Gun?


The method to load an Arrow Staple Gun depends somewhat on the particular model. In general, open the clip at the back of the gun and pull out the staple holder. Add Arrow brand staples in the direction indicated by the holder directions, which should be written on it. Put the clip back.
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1. Work in a well lit area that's free of clutter. Put on your eye protection. 2. Load the staples into the gun. Find the button on the bottom of the stapler's back edge. Push the
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At the back end of the handle, there is a retainer spring loaded clip. Push it in, then push it downward toward the base of the stapler, the clip should then release the spring, pull
The T25 handles round top 1/4 inch diameter staples of 1/4, 1/2, and 9/16 inch lengths for cables and other round things. The T2025 will handle either flat or round crown staples
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The instructions to load an Arrow staple gun are to first remove the batteries from the gun. Locate the staple cartridge hatch by turning the gun upside down. ...
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