Art by Jean Baptiste Chardin?


Jean Baptiste Chardin was a French painter in the 18th century. He is popular for his genre paintings which show domestic activities, children and kitchen maids. He was born in Paris on 1699 2nd December and later died on 1779 6th December.
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Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin is a famous painter who was born on November 2nd 1699 in Paris, France. He mostly painted still life of animals or fruit with other objects around it.
Jean Baptiste Simon Chardin, November 2, 1699-December 6, 1779 was a renowned
8. How did French artist Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin use Naturalist conventions in his paintings? a. Chardin depicted ordinary people and activities with a sense of realism.
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Jean-Baptiste-Sim????on Chardin was an 18th-century French portraitist. He is taken as a master of still life and is also famous for his genre paintings that portray ...
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